RTSS 2018

Brief Presentations

Journals never presented

On the Ineffectiveness of 1/m-based Interference Bounds in the Analysis of Global EDF and FIFO Scheduling [Presentation]
Alessandro Biondi and Youcheng Sun

Many suspensions, many problems: a review of self-suspending tasks in real-time systems [Presentation]
Jian-Jia Chen, Geoffrey Nelissen, Wen-Hung Huang, Maolin Yang, Björn Brandenburg, Konstantinos Bletsas, Cong Liu, Pascal Richard, Frederic Ridouard, Neil Audsley, Raj Rajkumar, Dionisio de Niz and Georg von der Brüggen


Incorporating Deadline-Based Scheduling in Tasking Programming Model for Extreme-Scale Parallel Computing [Presentation]
Albert M.K. Cheng and Panruo Wu

Preference-Oriented Scheduling in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems [Presentation]
Qin Xia, Dakai Zhu and Hakan Aydin

Combining Real Time and Multithreading [Presentation]
Sims Osborne and James H. Anderson

From Logical Time Scheduling to Real-Time Scheduling [Presentation]
Frédéric Mallet and Min Zhang

Lock-Based Software Transactional Memory for Real-Time Systems [Presentation]
Catherine E. Nemitz and James H. Anderson

New Analysis Techniques for Supporting Hard Real-Time Sporadic DAG Task Systems on Multiprocessors [Presentation]
Zheng Dong and Cong Liu

Response Time Bounds for Typed DAG Parallel Tasks on Heterogeneous Multi-cores [Presentation]
Meiling Han, Nan Guan, Jinghao Sun, Qingqiang He, Qingxu Deng and Weichen Liu

Making Machine Learning Real-Time Predictable [Presentation]
Hang Xu and Frank Mueller

Real-Time Modeling for Intrusion Detection in Automotive Controller Area Network [Presentation]
Habeeb Olufowobi, Gedare Bloom, Clinton Young and Joseph Zambreno

Enhanced Energy-Aware Standby-Sparing Techniques for Fixed-Priority Hard Real-Time Systems [Presentation]
Linwei Niu, Jonathan Musselwhite and Wei Li

Extending Buffer-Aware Worst-Case Timing Analysis of Wormhole NoCs [Presentation]
Frédéric Giroudot and Ahlem Mifdaoui

Precise Scheduling of Mixed-Criticality Tasks by Varying Processor Speed [Presentation]
Sai Sruti, Ashikahmed Bhuiyan and Zhishan Guo

Towards Real-time Smart City Communications using Software Defined Wireless Mesh Networking [Presentation]
Akram Hakiri and Aniruddha Gokhale

Joint Network and Computing Resource Scheduling for Wireless Networked Control Systems [Presentation]
Peng Wu, Chenchen Fu, Minming Li, Yingchao Zhao, Chun Jason Xue and Song Han